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Dare To Leap with Amber James

Empowerment & Personal Growth

Join Amber James, the creator of Notes To Self Shop and author of I Blew Up My Life, And I've Never Been Happier, in this transformative four-week live masterclass designed for individuals who feel like they're being held back by the fear of making the wrong decision. Dive deep into self-discovery, overcome your fears, and learn to embrace change with confidence. This course offers:

  • Four live sessions with Amber James (via Zoom) and take-home exercises.
  • Personal growth strategies and journaling prompts.
  • Exclusive access to Q&A sessions with Amber.

Duration: 4 weeks 




Write Now or Never

Creative Writing & Expression

Is there a hidden writer within you waiting to be discovered? "Write Now or Never" is the perfect starting point. Led by accomplished author and editor, Amber James, this course will guide you through the process of creative writing. Course features include:

  • Step-by-step guidance on developing your unique writing style.
  • Workshops on character creation, plot development, and more.
  • Personalized feedback from established writers.

Duration: 6 months 



Coming Soon!
Beginners Guide to Starting Your Own Journal Business

Entrepreneurship & Creativity

Dream of turning your passion for journaling into a profitable business? This digital online course is your blueprint to success. Learn how to design, market, and sell your unique journals. This course includes:

  • Comprehensive information on journal design, production, and branding.
  • Marketing strategies tailored for creative businesses.
  • Interactive sessions with successful journal business owners.

Duration: 3 days