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Author. Motivational Speaker. Creator of Notes To Self Shop.

Amber James is an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. Her best-selling books include I Blew Up My Life, And I've Never Been Happier and Notes To Self: 30-Day Guided Journal

Her work has been featured in top media outlets such as Us Weekly, CNN, MTV, Huffington Post, and AOL. As the creator of the wildly popular Instagram page @NotesToSelfShop, Amber shares her message of empowerment and hope with the world, letting women know: "You've got this, and we've got each other." She currently resides in Pittsburgh with her  pup, Penny Lane.

Connect With Amber on Instagram and TikTok or via email, amber@notestoselfshop.com.

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About Notes To Self Shop: Our Story

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In the heart of New York City, Notes To Self Shop was born from the personal trials and resilience of its founder, Amber James. Facing the profound loss of her beloved grandfather and enduring two hospitalizations for appendicitis and gallbladder removal (all during the pandemic), Amber confronted a period of intense isolation and struggle. In these moments of solitude, she sought a beacon of hope and strength.

 Amber turned to the simple yet powerful act of writing affirming notes to herself. Plastered across her apartment walls, these colorful notes bearing messages like “You are brave,” “You’ve got this,” and “I am beautiful,” became her daily source of inspiration and courage. The transformative impact of these notes on her spirit was profound.

Realizing the potential of her personal practice to uplift others, Amber launched the Instagram account @NotesToSelfShop. Her mission: to extend these messages of positivity and inspiration to a global audience. What started as a personal coping mechanism evolved into a movement, touching the lives of over 23,000 people across the world and reminding them that you’ve got this, and we’ve got each other!

Today, Notes To Self Shop is more than an Instagram page—it's a thriving woman-owned business dedicated to empowering others. Amber's journey has inspired a range of products, including empowering books, journals, and art, all infused with the spirit of her original notes. Beyond products, Amber has taken her message to the stage and podcast world, sharing her story that resonates with women everywhere. Her journey illustrates a powerful truth: sometimes, "blowing up your life" is the shift needed to start living your most authentic life.

Our ethos at Notes To Self Shop is rooted in the belief that positive affirmations can profoundly impact our lives. Each product, post, and speech is a testament to the power of believing in oneself, even in the darkest of times. Amber's journey is a reminder that learning how we speak to ourselves matters.

Join us in spreading positivity and empowerment—one note at a time.