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I Blew Up My Life, And I’ve Never Been Happier by Amber James (Paperback), Memoir

I Blew Up My Life, And I’ve Never Been Happier by Amber James (Paperback), Memoir

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To the public eye, Amber James is living the dream. She is engaged to be married, boasts a six-figure salary, and spent the last decade interviewing the hottest celebrities in New York City. Yet beneath this dazzling facade, Amber wrestles with crippling perfectionism, a toxic relationship, and an insatiable ambition that leaves her deeply unsatisfied.

As Amber teeters on the brink, a whirlwind of life-altering events - a global pandemic, a devastating loss, and a terrifying health scare - sweep her off her feet and force her to re-examine her life. Amber is presented with a life-altering question: Is she living to fulfill her happiness, or is she merely adhering to a checklist of success manufactured by societal expectations and settling?

In her emotionally raw and unflinchingly honest memoir, Amber takes readers on an inspiring journey of courage, self-discovery, and transformation as she musters the bravery required to forge a road toward genuine joy. It’s a poignant tale that reminds us that sometimes, it’s only by letting go that we find the path to true happiness.


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227 pages

Language: English 

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